Google Announced Moving Official Blogs From BlogSpot to GoogleBlog.Com

Finally Google announced we are doing massive site migration or moving all of their Google Blogs from the domain to the domain.
google moving offical blogspot to googleblog
Why Google Doing This?
Google is doing this to help people identify when they are reading an official blog from Google. Google said it’s very important for us, because there are many unofficial Google blogs on the BlogSpot domain that may appear to be official Google blogs.

Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller said “these changes will roll out to all of Google’s blogs over time. And good news is all previous address will redirect to the new domain. But it seems like the RSS feeds will not migrate at this time from the looks of it. So needs to update your feeds, because at the moment it doesn’t redirect.

John Mueller said they are working on migrating the RSS feed also, I do hope so.

Girish Kapoor

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