PubSubHubbub: How to get your content indexed faster

Today Let’s take a look at what PubSubhubbub is, and how you can implement it quickly and easily on your blog or website.

Pubsubhubbub is an open protocol for communicating with distributed publish/subscribe services like feedburner etc. In its simplest form, PubSubHubbub is a way to get content in front of your subscribers in real time, via a hub.

Why PubSubHubbub is Exciting?

To understand it, you need to understand firstly the difference between push and poll. Crawlers need to revisit your site time to time for new content. Because crawlers have no idea about your website content, it’s changed or not until they arrive. This frequent revisit method is known as poll.

What is PubSubHubbub

Pubsubhubbub is that a publisher notifies Hub about updates by POSTing feed URLs to the Hubs; Hubs pulls the feed again to find new entries. The publisher talks to their (or a public) hub, the hub talks to all of the subscribers, pushing new content out to each of them in real time.

Google Organic Search is Compatible with PubSubHubbub

Google organic search does not currently use PubSubHubbub as a direct discovery mechanism for new content. Though that news was a little disappointing to hear, it was before Google had officially announced that their Caffeine index was fully live. It makes perfect sense for Google and other search engines to use this protocol as a direct discovery signal, and I really hope we see that happen. Google did mention that they may use PubSubHubbub sometime in the future, so who knows. In the meantime, PubSubHubbub subscribers include: FriendFeed, Six Apart, Google Reader, Google Alerts (Blog Search / News indexing impact? Don’t know), Google Buzz,, NetVibes and PubsubHubbub publishers include the hosted version of WordPress, Posterous – here’s mine and Tumblr.

The super cool new Google Ajax Feed API uses PubSubHubbub to update syndicated feed widgets (or whatever else you’re using the API for) in real time, too:

Hope this tutorial was helpful for you understand the pubsubhubbub for your blog or website. If you have any queries please comment below. Like and Share to spread the word.

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