Tweets make it back to Google Search Results!

Did you know that, Today Twitter CEO Dick Costolo announced well-timed Tweets are back in the Google Search Results? This would make Twitter more searchable; expand the number of people who see tweets, or what Twitter calls its “logged-out user base.”

It will be the first time that Tweets will appear in Google searches after they disappeared in 2011, but they will not start appearing for another “several months”.

Twitter Handshake with Google

The reason for the return is straightforward. Twitter is very focused right now on bringing more traffic to its content and then monetising that, and that has taken a very specific form for the company: showing tweets to people who are not already Twitter users.

The Google search deal will essentially be used for “onboarding,” Costolo said. If a “logged out” (that is, unregistered or not logged in) user sees a tweet in a Google search and then clicks on it, that person will be delivered to a special “logged out” page, which will likely not only give him/her an option to sign up, but also deliver an ad or two (or three).

Honestly, I have been tracking Google real-time search since the day it stopped working, I have a few bookmarks that would trigger it to show up, based on the old infrastructure Google used to display those results. I was hoping Google would find another way to bring it back, but they didn’t – they had to do a licensing deal with Twitter, I guess.

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