Is your website mobile friendly yet, or are you missing out on traffic and search engine rankings?

Last week Google’s John Mueller introduced about the “Mobile Testing Tool” and since then, Google has found 2 same repetitive trends when webmasters are claiming the tool does not work right.

Yesterday John Mueller wrote on Google+ that typically when the mobile testing tool saying your page or website is not mobile friendly, but the PageSpeed Insights Tool showing that it’s ok. I have noticed 2 common mistakes that I wanted to share.

  1. Too much blocked by robots.txt
  2. Cloaking to Googlebot


Mobile Testing Tool two common mistakes Infographics

Check John Mueller words what he said:

  1.  Too much blocked by robots.txt. Googlebot needs to be able to recognize the mobile-friendliness through crawling. If a JavaScript file that does a redirect is blocked, if a CSS file that’s necessary for the mobile version of the page is blocked, or if you use separate URLs and block those, then Googlebot won’t be able to see your mobile site. The Mobile-Friendly Test will hint at this, the Fetch and Render tool in Webmaster Tools will give you details. The PageSpeed Insights tool doesn’t use the robots.txt, so it may look normal there. Don’t disallow crawling of your site’s CSS or JS files!
  2. Cloaking to Googlebot. Cloaking has been in our Webmaster Guidelines for a long time, it causes all kinds of problems. Some sites try to recognize Googlebot by looking for “Googlebot” in the user-agent, and will then serve it a “Googlebot-version” of the page (which is often the desktop page). If Googlebot-smartphone crawls and sees the desktop page, the page won’t be seen as being mobile-friendly. Fetch and Render in Webmaster Tools can help you recognize this. The PageSpeed Insights tool doesn’t use the Googlebot user-agent. Don’t cloak!


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